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Tomato Tomato Potato Potato, Let's Call the Whole Thing Off.

Fitness and Health. Tomato tomato, potato potato. All the same, right? WRONG!

Our fitness level does not equate to our overall health. You can understand why there is so much confusion. The fitness industry is reported at over $33.25 billion annually. Our culture is obsessed with tight bods and chasing the illusive aesthetic. In my early 30's I found myself on the merry'go'round of fitness. I over trained. I was constantly injured, but guess what? EVERYONE told me how incredible I looked. I kept cutting calories until I had painted myself into a corner I that I couldn't get out of. The outside world applauded the abuse. Unfortunately, my family paid the price. My mental health and emotional well being had been compromised and my priorities were out of balance. I learned to depend on the affirmations of others instead of myself. I picked myself apart. I was hungry and tired. I had no joy. I felt overwhelmed and disconnected. I was selfishly motivated. Despite what my six pack said, I was surviving not thriving.

Our fitness level does not equate to our overall health. We are fortunate to live in a time where the concept of true "health" is awakening. If I said I was interested in having a better fitness level, you might ask what my goals are. IF you are wanting to run a marathon your training modality would not be the same as someone who is powerlifting. We have to understand what tools to use and when to use them. If we are living in awareness, we understand that different modalities are necessary in creating personalized health.

Be purposeful with the activities you participate in. If you are a perfectionist, find modalities that can help you to reduce the need for control and let go. If you are lacking creativity and joy search for a modality that provides practice to play. Should we challenge our physical body? Yes! But what about our intelligence, EQ, and happiness? Doesn't that count? I have never been happier and healthier, and I am not rocking a six pack anymore! #overrated I have found joy, purpose, and fulfillment and you can too!

To start, ask yourself what area of your health is currently a priority. Start small and journal about your needs. Write down how and why you want to better your health. My experience has been that aesthetic goals are not enough to sustain you and certainly will not guarantee health. Health looks different on everyone. Celebrate and encourage others and yourself! You are brave and will find, create, and practice optimal health! Remember that health is the new wealth.

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