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Bend but Don't Break.

Picture this: a strong gust of wind sweeps through a forest, causing the branches to dance and sway. Despite the force of nature's push, the trees remain rooted, bending without breaking. 

Much like these resilient giants, our health thrives on flexibility. Healthy people have flexibility in their psyche and their bodies. Life throws curveballs, unexpected twists, and turns, but it's our adaptability that keeps us standing tall.

What is adaptability? Self awareness, the awareness of others, engaging in novel problem solving and not getting “stuck”, the ability to self regulate and when there is disappointment the capacity to cope with it. The great news is that you can learn all of these skills through practice. So keep showing up and trust in the process and your ability to grow. You’ve got this. 

So, the next time you feel overwhelmed by the pressures of life, take a cue from the trees. Embrace the winds of change, let go of rigidity, and allow yourself to bend, but never break. Remember, it's not the strongest tree that survives the storm, but the one that bends with the wind.

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