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The Wyld Frontier

My freshman and sophomore year were spent at Emporia State University. Emporia, Kansas is nestled between......well, nothing. It's western Kansas. It's really flat and it goes forever. I had a professor, Ms. Stantly. She was a handsome woman who captivated my mind interest in American History. I remember her Levi's, a long sleeve flannel, cowboy boots, silver and brown wiry hair, and her repeatedly yelling "MANIFEST DESTINY" to our class. Although the principles behind "Manifest Destiny" could be viewed different in 2024 than 1997. However, the message of exploration, courage, and opportunity still rings in my ears, despite my hearing aide.

Why did immigrants leave the big city for the unknown frontier? They were given the chance to build for themselves. Farmers, ranchers, miners, and entrepreneurs understood the risk and worked required to move to the frontier, but they also intrinsically felt the opportunity calling to them. A chance to build a better life for them and their posterity.

Let's take a metaphorical trip into the big city where your head or heart might currently be living. Structure. Schedules. Congestion. Convenience. Hurrying. Climbing. Taking. Noise. Everyone has this "city" that seems to make sense until you step away from the "city life" and begin to see more clear. I tried the "city life", and I was miserable. I was building a life that belonged more to others than it did to me. So, I figuratively packed up what I needed and headed out to my frontier.

At times my frontier has felt a bit like the game Oregon Trail. I am laughing out loud with how much joy I had playing Oregon Trail on my bubble screen Apple. You never made it through the game without interruptions or set backs. You planned on it. You counted on it. So why in our frontier do we become discouraged or upset when someone gets "bit by a snake"? Below are a few ideas of what living on the frontier looks like.

  • You find 100 lbs of food. REAL LIFE "You politely decline an invite from old friends that bring you down"

  • A thief stole 50 bullets from you. REAL LIFE "You bring awareness that when you are uncomfortable you become critical of yourself and others"

  • You traded 1 ox for 200 lbs of food. REAL LIFE "Instead scrolling on social media or TV, you decided to go for a walk and bathe in nature"

  • You have reached Fort [Name]. REAL LIFE "You learned that spending time alone is rewarding and offers opportunities to reflect. Bonus. You really like yourself"

  • Your wagon broke an axle. REAL LIFE "You unconsciously yelled at your kids, again"

  • Your party is suffering from exhaustion. Stop and rest. REAL LIFE"You understand that the grind didn't produce what you thought it would and you find time to relax and rest daily"

  • You forded the river. REAL LIFE "You signed up and showed up for that class you have always wanted to take"

Accepting and inviting these moments will lead to a flourishing experience and before long you will have a thriving Holmstead. Gather your supplies and get to work because you are the master builder here. No one wants track , you can build exactly what you need. Giddy up. I'll see you in the frontier.

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