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utah wellness class

Utah Wellness class

Wyld FAQ

Wyld is a place to connect to yourself and others, move, and enjoy life.

We hope these FAQs help you feel comfortable to come to your first Wyld Utah wellness class.

What is Wyld?
Wyld is a dance and meditation practice focused on connecting to self and building community. If you're in Utah looking for a wellness class, join us.

What if I don't know how to dance?
Despite what you might think, you are in great company. Wyld is for everyone. No one is watching you. You are NOT in anyone's way. We need you here. Wyld is a process-oriented class that provides growth and reduces perfectionism. Think about when a toddler hears music, what is their immediate response? Movement. We are hard-wired for vibration and movement. It's time to go back in time and start playing again!

Shoes or no shoes?
Here are a few things to consider; what surface will you be dancing on, what is the health of your feet, and would your feet affect your knees? Turning can be difficult on certain floor materials. Be sure that you are making the best choice for you. If you aren't sure, try all of them.

Why isn't "traditional" stretching part of the cooldown?
Meditation is the focus and this is the magic of Wyld. Our cardio-respiratory rate is managed before we begin meditation to ensure safety. We are looking to stretch our minds, not our hamstrings. Meditation is the most important practice in Wyld, and it takes practice to change our thinking. Wyld is anything but ordinary including how we close our practice.

I have never meditated, should I be scared?
We are so glad you will get to practice in Wyld. As we dance in our practice we are experiencing active meditation. We are focused and all in. Expression. Creativity. Resiliency. Joy. Connection. Healing. The dancing is preparatory for our stillness meditation. This is a time to practice introspective or refocusing. It can be a challenge at first. but those who continue to practice understand the value of creating stillness.

It looks like everyone knows what to do but me!
Don't listen to that crazy voice in your head. Here is the truth, NO ONE understands what they are getting into when they walk on the Wyld side, but they are ok with not being perfect and falling in love with the PROCESS. Each person brings a flare and flavor and we need yours as well! Stick with it and give yourself grace to play and let go. You might think that perfecting the choreography is what will make you happy, but it won't. Letting go of perfection and performing is what will create joy and light.

Wyld is not performative, what does that mean?
Unlike most dance experiences dancing in Wyld is just for you. It is not necessary to splash or make waves to be seen. Wyld is not performative and we love it that way. Come one! Come all! Just the way you are!

Where do I stand in class?
Anywhere you want! We do not have "spots" in a Wyld practice. In fact, we encourage finding a new spot next to a new person as much as possible. We want to build energy and connection within ourselves and others. Moving around the room allows for styling ideas, learning and teaching moments, introductions, big hugs, hellos, and connection. We don't have spots in the front OR in the back...


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