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The Queen Of Hearts.

I am terrible poker player, but I am quite talented at Uno! When playing card games you don't get to choose the cards that have been dealt, you are just the one holding them. Our life is quite similar. Genetics. Environment. Family. Marriage. Children. Disease. Education. Role models or the lack thereof. The list goes on and on. The challenge with poker is that the majority of energy and stratagem is spent on others. "What are they going to play? What do they think I'm going to play? What if they play ______, then I will play ______?" Instead of holding our cards close and perfecting our "poker face", what would happen if we all laid our cards down?

This may not make sense yet, but when I trust myself to lay down my cards, the Queen of Hearts always appears. The Queen of Hearts is a representation of compassion, warmth, self-love, healer, supportive, unconditional love, the embodiment of holding space for others, and the divine feminine. Playing the Queen of Hearts for yourself and for others neutralizes "the game". No matter what is thrown at you, choosing to play the Queen of Hearts will always win. Game over.

What does playing the Queen of Hearts look like? Taking a breath and choosing not to react. Asking more questions like, "Tell me more?" Offering forgiveness and compassion. Being a peacemaker. Eliminating judgment. Choosing to see the strengths of others. Helping others to feel joy. Being a keen listener. Offering sincerity and a loving heart.

Unlike the Queen of Hearts character in Alice in Wonderland, the true Queen of Hearts is someone who is striving to master their emotions. The courage to play the Queen of Hearts will change the way you play the game of life and everyone else at your table.



Anyone can dance. Everyone can connect.

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