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Music as a Love Language

Updated: Sep 27, 2022

Music is a powerful thing that can bind us together and ignite memories

I am a music junkee. Music is my love language, and travel. Music has this magical way of awakening our senses, its wyld. One moment you are shopping for your fruits and veggies at the supermarket and then you hear a song that thrusts you into the summer of 97 when you were a lifeguard and fell hard for the boy up the street (who you never actually talked to). Music is a really inexpensive form of time travel. Did you know that science doesn't know where we store our long-term memories? I think Olaf was onto something with water having a memory.

“I Won’t Give Up” by Jason Mraz is a favorite of mine. I’m sure you remember it. An acoustic love song about sticking together. Never settling. Trusting. Learning how to grow. Friendship. Trials. Patience. Love. Love is not romance. The greatest love of all is happening to me, thank you, Whitney. If we cannot love ourselves, ALL of ourselves, we cannot love others. Love yourself right now. Grab your iPods and head to a mirror. Have a seat and listen. You have the time to love yourself, it'll just take four minutes.

If you are looking for practices or ideas on how to deepen "Self Love", take a look at our "Walk in the Wylderness" with Brandi Cash. There are some great nuggets that I don't want you to miss. Here is the link, just in case.



Anyone can dance. Everyone can connect.
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