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It's a Yes Until it's a No. . . . .

Updated: Jul 4, 2023

Ever had an offer or an idea that scared the bajebeez out of you? Maybe someone asks you to go on an adventurous trip? Perhaps you want to try a new hobby or go on a date? Our immediate reaction of discomfort is to simply shut it down, say no. We don't always have a reasonable or thoughtful explanation, and yet we say no. Saying no is a way to protect ourselves and stay in our comfort zone. What if I told you we are actually in a comfort crisis? You can choose comfort or growth, not both.

A friend of mine was offered a career change in fantastic start up. She had previously worked with the CEO and knew it could be a magical experience and she was curious. Her current job brought security, stability, and boredom. Interviewing takes time and unpacking, it's a bit of a dance. Instead of building a wall, she kept walking through doors knowing at any time she could shut the door. New opportunities bring uncertainty and fear, which is not a reason to shut it down. Instead, why not "say yes until it's a no"? Feeling a "yes" can sometimes be unclear and usually takes time but when I feel a "no", I feel clear. Practice personal intuition and see where your "gut toaster" takes you. (If you don't know what a gut toaster is, check out this month's newsletter).

I am happy to report that this friend kept saying yes and she couldn't be happier. In her circumstance the new career opportunity panned out, but I would be just as happy for her if she had simply chosen to "say yes until it's a no". Practicing personal reliance and intuition requires PRACTICE. The more your practice the stronger your gut toaster becomes, not leaving you tossing and turning about the smallest of decisions. Your strength will provide peace and eliminate reduce decision fatigue. This will leave space and energy for creativity, growth, and becoming. Living an intuitive life provides freedom for you and those around you.

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