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Friend or Foe?

Is there a villain in your life? That idea, person, or belief that exists just to pull you down? Just when life starts to flow, BAM! The antagonist shows up, delightfully dispensing opposition just for you. What if you believed that this antagonist was the key to balance and freedom? Lindsi, you are nuts and I want this person, belief, habit out of my life FOR-EV-ER

(Imagine Squeaks from Sandlot FOR-EV-ER! FOR-EV-ER! FOR-EV-ER!)

Let's look at one of our greatest teachers, the human body. Extend your arms. Now bend/flex your arm and give a juicy bicep curl. Yes! Look at that beautiful bicep effortlessly roll towards your shoulder. Impressive! Now, you need to use the bathroom but your arms have to stay in flexed. Well, that is not going to work! The antagonist muscle of the bicep is the............tricep! Voila! The tricep allows you to bring your arm back into balance. Hip flexors and glutes. Hamstrings and quadriceps. Chest and back. How gracious to have an incredible body that even on a subconscious level is encouraging the act of flow.

Balance. Flow. Symmetry. Stability. Harmony. Unity. Freedom.

Have you ever stopped to ask yourself moments of challenge, am I strengthening or am I stretching? There is a very big difference. In the body, your mover is strengthening while the antagonist is stretching and and bringing you back into balance. Where are you right now? Are you strengthening or are you stretching? The antagonist, despite what you have told yourself, is providing the opportunity for balance. Can we soften our feelings towards that villain in our mind?

If you want to learn more about how to approach the antagonists in our lives,

join myself and Brandi Pehrson on Wednesday, March 29th 8:00pm IG Live at find.your.wyld

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