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Doodles & Meditation

Updated: Sep 27, 2022

Clearing the mind one doodle at a time.

Don't ask me how we ended up with two dogs. Ok, I do know why. I am addicted to Doodles. My doggies are named Cubby and Lotte. We call them Mister and Sister. Sister is a free-spirited loosey goose afro, and Mister is tightly wound and never leaves my side. As I type this, he is sitting right here next to me. When Mister was training, "wait" was the most difficult command for him. The greater the distance between him and me, the harder it was for him to obey. Mister loves me and wants to serve me, what could possibly be wrong with that?

Well, what if he is under my feet all the time or I can't even go to the bathroom without him incessantly scratching at the door? He can't stand it when my husband gives me a kiss. (It's actually quite funny) Ok Lindsi, get on with it. What do Doodles have to do with meditating? Hang tight. I got you. Meditation is the most effective way to manage stress, sleep, eating, relationships, blood pressure, immune system, and overall physical health. Meditation is the progressive quieting of the mind that will connect you with your higher self. Meditation looks different for everyone. Guided meditation. Nature. Breathwork. Mantra. Music. Silence. There are so many options. Being flexible will increase our practice and greatly benefit you.

Back to Mister and meditation. Imagine that your mind is like my Doodle. They want to be with you. They think they NEED to be with you. Asking them to "wait" is challenging. When you meditate, you are asking your mind to wait while you slowly and kindly step away creating space. Don't be discouraged if this space only lasts five seconds. Those could have been the most beneficial five seconds of your day! I hope that you are able to walk your pups and your beautiful mind today.

PS. Check out our Walk in the Wylderness with Katie Schiffgen for an in-depth look.



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