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Are you "Fixed" or are you "Reaching"?

Can you remember back to the days of using a compass in geometry? As you recall, the "fixed" foot was pointy and the anchor to our circle, while the "reaching" foot held the pencil and could expand and contract, determining the size of your circle. If your reach was small, so was your circle. If you expanded your reach, your circle demonstrated that reach. Michael Wilcox shared this concept and I have been able to apply this wisdom in nearly every aspect of my life. Beliefs Systems. Family. Wellness. Friends. Work. Nutrition. Intimacy. Cultural. The balance of "fixed" foot and "searching" foot promotes a growth mindset, which I am ALL about.

I was recently in Mexico recharging the old battery. Sunshine. Good vibes. Of course there are numerous cultural differences and I see them loud and clear. I'll take a very simple example of dinner. Because there is a softer approach to time than the US (not better, not worse), dinner is a time to relax, have conversation, and create memories. A bill will not be brought to your table unless you ask for it. Because of this, dinner can often take a couple hours. Good vibes. This difference I would attach to my "reaching" foot. I appreciate and see the benefit of this practice. However, if you have been to Mexico you would also notice the easy going feel also creates a lot of litter and waste. Done with a sleeve of Chocos? Toss it on the beach. NBD. This cultural difference opposes my "fixed" foot and truth and makes me more aware of how much I appreciate cleanliness in the outdoors. Just because I am exposed to the casual approach of littering does not mean I will be taking trash back to the streets of Salt Lake.

Reaching does not mean that you abandon your truths. Reaching can often solidify and reinforce what your truths are. However, there is magic in reaching. Humanity. Art. Beauty. Nature. Growth. Adventure. Knowledge. Joy. Connection. Fallibility. Humor. Flexibility. Appreciation. I mean? Come on! Of course you want to reach! I am not saying pack up and move to France (although, I support that too). Maybe trying a new vegetable, talking to someone who is different, or getting out in nature. Take a deep breath and be curious. Your reach will provide joy and moments of connection. You don't have to travel abroad to create your reach. IN FACT. The most impactful reach you can have is right in front of you. Best wishes and keep reaching!

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