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Yakkity Yak....Take Out Your Trash

There is one game I despise more than any other. Trash Tetris. Let's see just how much trash we can push down, squeeze in, compact, or just plain ignore. It takes far more effort to play Trash Tetris than to actually take out the trash. If you are the lucky bloke who finds the trash, it's heavy, stinky, and when you lift it out, of course the bag is torn and now your socks are wet due to leaking questionable fluids.

Our mind is like this trash can. We have our own mental garbage and at times, we hold other people’s trash too. Things get stinky and sometimes we push down, squeeze in, and compact the trash in our mind instead of taking literally three minutes of meditation to take out the trash. The longer we wait to take the trash out the heavier it becomes. Here is the truth. No one is going to take your trash out. Depending on how much you consume, you may need to take your trash out a couple times a day. With practice not only will you be gain skills to remove trash, you will have less trash.

Here are few ideas of how you can get rid of your trash:

-Put your phone down

-Watch your belly rise and fall while breathing for three minutes

-Use a guided meditation

-Go for a slow walk outside (BONUS put your feet in the grass)

-Legs up the wall (inversion)

-Deep breathing through your nose

-Repeat a mantra (So Hum)

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