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This is the Face of Resiliency. Pretty Cute, Right?

This is the face happen of someone practicing resiliency. It's an "action shot" if you will. Here I am on a rock trying to balance while looking calm, cool, and........terrified. A wave crashed against the rock and I lost my footing. At the same time a big gust of wind puffed in my face. I was convinced I was going down, but guess what? I did not. I have this honest photo of me practicing resiliency. My face says it all. If my face looked like this, imagine what was happening inside my body! What if I told you making this face is actually a skill?

When your face tightens, so does your pelvic floor and your jaw, lips, hands, and breath. The gift of Wyld is that you do not have time to lament or beat yourself up about a

mis-step. You just keep going. The world doesn't end and neither does the music. In your head you might think there is an exaggerated record screech, everyone stops and stares at you. No one is looking at you. Nope, quite the opposite. In fact, the more mistakes you move through, the stronger and more resilient you become. Read that again. We need practice. We need to move away from the idea of polished perfection and embrace the messy move throughs. Resiliency not only strengthens you, but it's contagious.

Do you have any friends or family that just seem good to go? NBD if plans change. They are willing and open to trying new things. They are flexible and creative. Think of how you feel when you are with them. I am betting that you are relaxed and calm. Resiliency is contagious, and it looks good on you. Like creativity, resiliency is not a talent, it is a skill. You have to build and practice resiliency regularly in order to grow.

Think of resiliency as a muscle. If you are trying to become stronger, your muscles must be used under tension. Then tension is what allows for strength. Avoiding the tension will lead to atrophy and weakness. Every single rep is helping to shape your mind and heart. There is no fast track to building resiliency. Consistent practice will keep you growing and progressing. The mind and the body are working together in this practice which is why Wyld is effective. You can activate your mind, body, and heart to practice resiliency. I hope the next time you have a "bitter beer face" you can turn it into a smile and remember that you are in the process of building resiliency.

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