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Start Where You Are. Use What You've Got.

Updated: Sep 20, 2023

When I hear the word prepare, I get all warm and fuzzy inside, but does everything need preparation? Can the the need to prepare paralyze your action? (The events below are based on a true story, maybe yours too!)

Cubby my adoring doodle has a growing midsection. He kind of looks like a pinky tootsie roll. I decided that we would begin our day with a twenty minute stroll. I had just heard about a new trail that allows dogs off leash. He and Lotte will love it.

(Next morning)

Morning alarm sounds. Shoot! I forgot to get the address for the trail. Snooze button, I’ll try again tomorrow.

That afternoon, I located the trail name and address. Check. “You know, I should pull out my light jacket for the morning. The forecast calls for a chilly morning.”

(Next morning)

Morning alarm sounds. Wait? Did I pull out my jacket? I bet it's cold outside. Im so snuggly in bed.Snooze button. I’ll try again tomorrow.

I am going to get to bed on time so that I can begin my new morning routine. It's Wednesday and I haven't been out once with Cubby.

(Next morning)

No! How did I forget to set my alarm? I would only get ten minutes instead of walking, that's not enough. Snooze button,

I’ll try next week. Tomorrow is Thursday. No use going tomorrow, it's so close to the weekend. I'll start fresh on a Monday.

Does this sound familiar?

Keep it simple.

Is preparing always necessary? No. Has Cubby ever turned down a walk? No. Are there sidewalks available right outside my front door? Yes. Is a ten minute walk better than none at all? Yes.There are definitely moments when preparation is needed, but walking my pup is not one of them.

Do you have a desire to create change in your current circumstance? You will increase your resiliency and dedication if/when the circumstances are not ideal or perfect. Hurdles allow for creativity. In fact, a flexible approach will increase your ability to succeed. You don’t have to prepare a Thanksgiving feast in order to eat nutritiously. No need to become a monk in order to meditate, two minutes will do. Forgetting your Apple watch or Fitbit is not a reason to abandon your wellness practice.

If you learned that your car tire was flat would you slash the other three tires to make it even or would you patch up the flat and just keep rolling? In order to make progress you must patch it up and just keep rolling.

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