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I didn’t see that coming? (Literally, where did that car come from.)

I was in London in September and like most tourists, we hoofed around the city. This was my first time in London and the traffic flow caught me off guard. The failure to check my left nearly cost me my life, a couple of times. As the weeks went on, I was impressed how quickly the adaptation process was. I just needed to have greater repetition so I could learn how to navigate.

Repetition provides the opportunity to navigate. What if after my first near death encounter I decided to never leave my hotel?

1. I would have missed the wonders around me like Stonhenge, Windsor Castle, and croissants.

2. By locking myself in my hotel, I would decrease my ability to navigate ANYTHING in the future.

Repetition provides the opportunity to navigate. It’s not that you don’t know how, you do! All you need is the opportunity to navigate, to learn what it feels like and what to do (or not to do). The more opportunities you have to experience “new” things, your anxiety, fear, and limitations will subside like sand in an hourglass. Talking to new people. Traveling. Trying that dance class you’ve always wanted to. Hey! There is that new Thai restaurant up the street. We gotta shake things up so that we trust our navigation skills. You are one smart cookie, and you know more than you think. Don’t allow the gremlins stop you from the unknown. No one expects you to be a pro. You are just practicing your navigation skills and before long, you won’t even need a map or Siri! You’ve got it all by yourself.

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